Oriental Bloom Square

Hello dear friends how are you? I hope you are all well. It’s been a few days since we’ve gathered here, hasn’t it? But I’m going to use this space to thank you for all the affection and say that it’s always good to have this feedback from you. We were meeting in our newsroom and we came to the following conclusion. We brought patterns for accessories, blankets, bags, but one square is missing. So dear readers, our next pattern will be a beautiful crochet pattern. Oriental Bloom Square

Nature is an amazing thing, and this pattern reflects all the beauty of a beautiful flower. I have a great affection for flowers and let’s face it, what woman doesn’t love receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers, right? When we think of flowers, that pleasant smell of a flowering field in the middle of spring comes to mind. As well as that feeling of lightness and freshness. The square oriental flower pattern will bring out all the beauty of an oriental flower. Bringing all the elegance and versatility of a crochet square. This pattern has many uses, such as a beautiful blanket that can be easily made with this pattern. By just making some of these squares we will have a beautiful blanket.

Oriental Bloom Square. And continuing on the subject of how we can use this square. I gave as an example that a blanket can be made, right? But we cannot limit ourselves to that. Of course we know that when we talk about using creativity, crocheters have it in abundance. Creating beautiful patterns with squares is something that we do without making mistakes or being afraid of being ugly.


Oriental Bloom Square. We see several models if we do a little internet search we will see several models. There is no shortage of beautiful models of this pattern, with different colors and textures. The most interesting thing about this pattern is how we can use lines of different textures. That’s not cool? Thinking about color combination is something that this pattern calls for. We can abuse the colors and mixtures in this pattern. If we see the illustrative images that we give as an example. We will see rich and vivid colors. Noticing that the flower has a textured center and petals that easily stand out. Inspired by the oriental flower, this pattern brings small variations of soft colors mixing soft and vivid colors. and i love all of it!

We can’t forget that this pattern brings an amazing frame in 3d. I am torn whether the highlight of the pattern is the flower or this beautiful frame. But certainly the set makes all the difference. Like all square patterns, you have endless possibilities to make whatever you want, be it; a bag, blanket, scarf or even a nice beach towel. Of course, depending on the yarn and thread you use, the appearance and texture will also change. But that won’t be a problem as this pattern goes with absolutely everything.

The inspirations and uses for this pattern are endless. And with it the color combinations too. As you can see in the images, we used a combination of blue, yellow and fuchsia pink. This made the pattern much more attractive and thus visually prettier. But of course the color combinations are endless and so we can make models of more varied colors. Think about how beautiful it will look if you use, for example, black instead of blue, or even the same instead of yellow. Color combinations are not lacking in this pattern.

Oriental Bloom Square

We are happy to have brought this beautiful pattern to you. We know that many of our readers are still beginners in the art of crochet. Thinking about it, we made the tutorial very easy, they will take it by letter. We wish you all the best of luck in this pattern. And abuse creativity.


As always at the end of each article I leave here some suggestions for patterns. I hope you like the list we prepared:

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Our team wants to thank every reader who follows us. It is a great help to know that we are taking beautiful standards and pleasing everyone. We hope this is just the beginning of a long friendship.

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