Mandala Crochet Pattern

Hello dear readers how are you? I hope you are all well and full of energy because today is the day to bring here another pattern. The last patterns we brought here on our blog were beautiful colorful patterns. So we received many compliments from our readers, where they thanked us, because they loved it. And this time we’re going to bring another colorful pattern, isn’t that great? Following this pattern of colors, today we are going to teach you a mandala full of colors. Mandala Crochet Pattern

This pattern is cute when it comes to colors and it turns out to be something fantastic. Who doesn’t love decorating the environment with something that makes us happy and leaves the environment full of life? I myself love this pattern, precisely because of its versatility of being able to use infinite combinations of colors and lines with textures. Another great tip is to think about which environment we are going to use, right? Think about how beautiful it will look on that coffee table that we have in our living rooms. Or even on the desk in our bedroom.

So we’re going to teach you today here on our blog, not just the step by step, but I think the color combination is important. We have prepared a tutorial that will help you from the first stitch to the last and also colors that we can combine. This is of great help, I know that many of us crocheters have difficulties when it comes to choosing the color combination. Now it’s much easier, isn’t it?


This pattern is one of the most sought after when we talk about color combinations. Just a quick search on the internet, and we see infinite forms and models of mandala. I’m a bit of a fan of this pattern because it was one of the first ones I made on my own when I was still a kid. Another good thing about this pattern is that the size will depend on the crocheter who makes it.

Mandala Crochet Pattern. As mentioned earlier, this pattern is highly sought after for its versatility of colors that can be used. Let’s imagine how beautiful a combination of red, orange and pink would look. Or maybe we can imagine a mandala inspired by the colors of the sky with various shades of blue.There are so many combinations that I’m excited to mention here, think how beautiful it would be to use shades of green, black and gray. Playing with colors will be a super pleasure with this mandala pattern.

Mandala Crochet Pattern. Thinking about this pattern is to imagine how we are going to make the environment more beautiful. Aside from being able to make our breakfast table prettier, isn’t that fantastic. It’s these details that make this pattern so nice to make. A great tip in this tutorial that we prepared is how each one can start their mandala. We know that many of you are beginners. A great tip for anyone wanting to learn crochet is to start with the mandala pattern. It’s such an easy pattern to start with that you’ll be able to master it.

Mandala Crochet Pattern

We hope you have a lot of fun making this pattern. A wonderful tutorial has been prepared in PDF form with all the tips that will help you. From the beginning of the first point to the tips for color combinations. It’s going to be a lot of fun and that’s for sure. I wish you all a great mandala and take a risk with the colors, because this pattern calls for many colors!


I hope you like this pattern that was separated with great affection. As always, I will leave here a list of standards that is a suggestion from our newsroom:

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Our team wants to thank you for all the love we’ve always received. It’s great to know that we have standards for each one of us and that we always manage to do them. I am grateful for all the love and affection we received. Until next time girls!

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