Chevron Blanket

Chevron Blanket. Hi! my dear crochet friends, how are you? I hope you are doing well and doing beautiful crochet work, I am testing new things and I want to share a new pattern with you, which besides being beautiful is super easy to make, I know you will love it!

This time I want to share a very traditional pattern, but at the same time very elegant, it is a key piece when the question arises of giving someone a gift, for example, and let’s combine those who don’t like to receive a crochet as a gift, right? I love it myself, especially if it’s crochet.

Chevron Blanket is a very easy pattern to make, I know you will have no difficulty following the step by step we prepared for you. Our team has selected very clear illustrative images that will not be difficult to follow and reach the desired result, and if you have doubts about the colors you are going to use, just use the same colors as the images.


The Chavron Blanket Pattern is sometimes also called a crochet wave, because it is a pattern in the form of a “v” (and dear friends don’t confuse it with the V stitch) and it is also called a “zigzag” stitch. Made using a variety of different stitches and techniques, but the most important thing to understand is that the same stitch is usually crocheted in a row or round with increases and decreases at regular intervals.

The Chavron blanket pattern is one of the most sought after patterns on our blog and if you are looking to make a gift or to decorate your home, this crochet pattern is the right choice. They literally match everything from a simple gift to a blanket, just choose the colors and get started.

Chevron Blanket. Other ideas to use this pattern are, for example, creating pillows and blankets and of course everything will be beautiful, here in my house I have several models that I used with this pattern.The Chavron Blanket Pattern can be used to create beautiful blankets, baby blankets, sofa blankets and baby afghans. If you have selected the yarn, you can now choose your favorite color. The combinations are endless, from dark colors and light colors or even mixing both and making a great color gradient.

Chevron Blanket

The step by step of the Chavron Blanket pattern is easy and super suitable for those who are starting to crochet, and if you crochet to increase your income I highly recommend it, all my friends love it and I know yours will love it too, I even want to that after doing it tell me what you think.

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The Handmade Easy Patterns team wishes all our readers a blessed week, filled with the most crochet patterns for your entertainment, filled with beautiful yarns and above all a lot of creativity and good cheer.
With love and affection, Handmade Easy Patterns!


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