Battenberg Blanket Crochet Pattern

Battenberg Blanket Crochet Pattern. Hello dear friends and crochet-loving readers, how are you? I hope you are all well. I am glad that we are all reunited once again here on our blog. How wonderful it is to be among friends who, like me, love crochet. You are going to love this pattern that we are going to bring here on our blog, let’s go!

How amazing it is to know that so many people love crochet, isn’t it? Just take a look at the quilt stores and you will always see beautiful crochet quilts with beautiful patterns. And that’s how I found this beautiful pattern, I was passing by a store in the center of my city and suddenly I saw it in a window. It was love at first sight and when I saw it I thought “my God I need to make one of these”.

I believe that just like me, you must have held your breath when you saw this pattern and quilt, right? Of course, in a good way, after all it’s wonderful to see such a quilt and know that we can make one like it. What I want to say is that today we are going to show here on our blog that it is possible to make this beautiful quilt right in your home.

How good it is to find quilt models that we can play with colors. Just like a painting board, this pattern and quilt template can be made with beautiful color combinations. What I mean is that in this model we can use our imagination and abuse colors. Just like a very colorful painting, this quilt will make the environment that is used with much more joy. Think how beautiful a bed will be with this quilt making it more colorful. What makes this quilt pattern so special is precisely this endless combination of colors. You can see in the images on our blog that we used very cheerful colors with white in combination. It is beautiful and delicate for both the couple’s bed and the baby’s crib.

The Battenberg Blanket pattern has just become more incredible precisely because of the way it is so colorful it stands out in the environment. At least that’s how I see this pattern when I put it in my room. It is one of those quilt models that we would certainly compare a thousand times on our credit card.

Battenberg Blanket pattern is beautiful, cozy and perfect. In addition to being comfortable and extremely tasteful. This union of qualities makes this pattern one of my darlings at the moment. This is very important when we are going to highlight a crochet pattern. It’s these qualities that we always look for before we make any quilt, isn’t it? Unite beauty, practicality and elegance.

Battenberg Blanket Crochet Pattern

These details are very important when choosing a quilt pattern. And the Battenberg Blanket deserves to be highlighted. Not only because it is a beautiful quilt pattern, but also because it is an easy pattern to make. I know that many of our readers are at an apprentice level. This pattern will surely suit everyone.


I hope you have fun making this pattern. And here are some suggestions that I think you’ll like a lot:

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Our team would like to thank each of you who follow our work daily. It is a great joy to know that we are bringing beautiful patterns to you. I leave here my hug and affection, until next time!

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